The rules

Safety rules

Due to organizational and liability reasons, an active membership (normal, no-limit or daily membership) at the FKN is required for kitesurfing in Breitenbrunn.

Due to the limited space on the beach and the tight dimensions of the entry and exit lanes within the 200m shoreline protection zone, every kitesurfer contributes with his / her behavior to a peaceful and safe coexistence of all water sports practitioners, sailors and swimmers.
As kite surfers who are familiar with the local conditions, we support and help those who are new tot he spot to answer their questions and, if necessary, explain the most important points for a safe and relaxed cooperation.
The instructions of the security staff, the start and landing assistants as well as all persons entrusted with the organization of the kitesurfing (FKN) must be followed at all times.
Intentional and / or repeated rule violations result in exclusion from the kitespot and, in the case of particular severity, in the loss of club membership.

On land

  • We store our equipment only in the kite / water sports area, space-saving and with coiled lines.
  • If we take a longer break, we dismantle the kite.
  • The marked area between the lighthouse and the first row of trees is the area for launching and landing the kite.
  • We do not park kites, boards, sails, etc …
  • The kiter who is landing the kite has priority to those launching.

At the water

  • Attention must always be paid to bathers and swimmers.
  • Kiting in the swimmer zone is strictly prohibited.
  • Within the 200m shoreline protection zone, kitesurfing is only allowed to enter or exit the open water.
  • The entry and exit to the 200m limit between May 10th. and Sept. 20. is only permitted by means of body drag for legal reasons.
  • The rules of shipping law apply, especially the rules of right of way.

If you have any questions, please contact the staff at the Seeverwaltung, the team at Westcoastkiters or the FKN. For members of the FKN there is also the possibility at the kite school Westcoastkiters to book the pick-up service and other boat services or training courses at a special discount rate. Reservations at or   +43 664 3427963.