Welcome to Breitenbrunn
The place to be at southern winds

Kitesurfing in Breitenbrunn

If you´d like to kitesurf in Breitenbrunn a membership at the FKN is mandatory.
With your membership you are support the development of the kitespot and enjoy benefits at our partners.


Now it’s official: we have signed a lease agreement with the lakeside resort for the kite area, which secures kiting in the long term. The rent for this is a moderate EUR 15,- per member per year (based on 200 members): an amount with which we can put together a very attractive package for you. With EUR 60,- for the annual membership and EUR 12,- for the day you are there! Another goodie is that our members can purchase a discounted annual parking card for EUR 87,- from the lakeside resort administration. The only weak point is that parking at the spot will no longer be possible, the entire area will become a car-free zone. More information in the newsletter.

Happy kiting 2024!

Thx & Happy Kiting!

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