Breitenbrunn at the Westcoast

Flat water and wave kicker

Especially with side-onshore winds from the south, Breitenbrunn is THE spot on Lake Neusiedl. Next to the offshore reed islands you can find wide areas of shallow water for all skill levels as well as some waves to have fun with the TwinTip and relaxed turns with the Directional. Side-offshore winds from the northwest are in general a little bit gusty within the first 200-300m, but on the other hand they provide perfect flat water conditions. The soft and muddy bottom may be unusual, but it helps to prevent injuries in the shallow water. It is also more gentle for the material – especially important when you practice Foil-boarding. In a nutshell: you will find a huge playground with lots of space on the water if you have the appropriate skills required – especially to be 100+1% skilled in launching and landing the kite on the beach.

Surfing on the lake

In recent years, due to the constantly prevailing light-wind conditions, Breitenbrunn has developed to an ideal spot for Foilboarding. More and more people are also discovering the fascination of Wing Surfing and Windsurfers meet at the Fritz & Kids surf school next to the lighthouse for almost 30 years. Together we share the love of the spot and the joy of surfing. We act respectfully to one another – in the water and on the beach.

Responsibility and security

Due to the very limited space on the beach especially on days with strong southerly winds, you need to be 100+1% skilled in launching and landing your kite. You can find the start and landing zone marked in the area next to the lighthouse. If no one is around, just contact the team at the kite- or surf school. We generally advise you not to kitesurf alone. Ronald Kittag and his team of the Westcoastkiters kite school are available to answer questions about the spot, training courses and boat services. Before you go on the water for the first time, please take a look at the rules for he kite-spot.



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