Kitesurfing in Breitenbrunn

The organisation

Due to a major legal and organisational change at the Seebad Breitenbrunn in 2019, a group of Kitesurfers founded the FKN in order to provide free access to the kitespot.

The FKN has signed an agreement with the Seebad Breitenbrunn Betriebs GmbH (a member of the Esterhazy Gruppe) to grant free access to the Kitespot for all members of the FKN. Following the terms of the agreement the part of the beach around the area of the lighthouse, the surf-school and the kite-station can be used freely by all members of FKN.

Please show your active membership at the check-in of the Seebad by presenting the QR-code on your smartphone. The actual prices in terms of entrance and parking you can find here

Our Mission

As part of the redesign of the seaside resort, our mission is to preserve the unique flair of kite surfing in Breitenbrunn and to actively shape and provide to the future development of the kite spot Breitenbrunn.

Or according to a well-known quote: We cannot change the wind, but we can align the kite to a more suitable place in the wind window.

With your membership you support our mission. Thanks for your contribution.

Nature, Safety and Community

The Lake Neusiedl is a particularly sensitive nature and tourism region. We therefore act sustainably and ecologically when practicing our sport and we respect nature and the environment. As water sports enthusiasts, we adhere to the laws of shipping and the rules at the spot. Our main principle is safety first. We practice our sport with respect to all other visitors of the region and the spot such as swimmers and sailors.

The spot

Relaxed and legendary when southern winds are blowing.
Stay original.

The rules

No one likes them.
But without them things won’t work.

Become a member

For free access and the support of kitesurfing in Breitenbrunn.



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